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“Our stones manufacture trend “
We are Pelting Stones of Trend.
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We are the first enterprise who creates trend from unheard stories ,walls & stones

Drumstone Media is India’s Fastest Growing Broadcast Management & Audio Visual Content Syndication Enterprise.Drumstone Media has diversified business interests in Digital Media, Setting up & Generating Revenue For Television Channels via Ad Sales, TV Channel Distribution, Pre Production, Post-Production, Graphics, Editing, Cinematography, Music Video Production, Producing Television Soaps, Producing Feature Films, Corporate Films & Digital Videos, Audio Studio, Film Distribution & Exhibiting Films. We Rent Out The Best Equipments Required For Shooting such as Sound Systems, High End Video Cameras amongst others which can transcend the viewing scenario completely.

27 Members
24 Products
23k Reach
250 Clients

Our Team

Our Silent Stones Can Create Trend

Our top Skills

Brand Positioning Strategy 95%
Production - Film,Television & Digital 96%
Launching Satellite Television Channel 99%
Film Distribution 87%
Web Services & 360 Degree Digital Solutions 93%
Software, Application Development & Mobile App Development 91%

What We Do

Our Stones Make Noise and Our Stones Create Buzz
We are the stones who create “Trend”.
  • Web & Print Media Designing

  • Software & Application Developing

  • Satellite Channel Setup & Distribution

  • Publishers & Advertisers Network

  • Mobile Apps Development(IOS/Android)

  • Production - Films,Television & Digital

  • Content Syndication (All Languages)

  • Business Support & Continuity

Our Stones “ Can Be Heard”

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